The story behind the story…

This text is a work of political science-fiction that imagines the upcoming events of a fiercely contested 2020 election. Within this heavily researched narrative, we strive to deliver events and results based upon legal and constitutional possibilities or supported by historical examples of similar political circumstances., a non-profit digital encyclopedia of election information, provided critical data on individual states’ candidates and voting methodologies. The election data and electoral results within the story are built upon 2016 results, recent polling and the current political climate in each state.

We embarked on this journey not as a critique of American politics, but as a concern for its health in an age of such deep division. During the 21st century, four functioning democracies have fallen into autocratic hands (Turkey, Poland, Hungary, and Venezuela). The notion the United States could be at risk of a similar fate was unfathomable just four years ago. This risk of sovereignty failure stems from our ever escalating partisan warfare where both ends of the political spectrum have come to perceive their fellow citizens as detrimental to our democracy, our institutions and the fundamental character of American life. This lays bare that a functioning democracy is much more than just the laws as written; it is a metaphysical construct upheld by the acceptance of universal facts and a tradition of intellectual diversity. In George Washington’s Farewell Address he warned a two-party system may lead to parties consolidating power and exacting revenge upon the other. Perhaps he was right.

We hope you enjoy our story and the warning that our imagined outcome portends. If you find this story thought provoking, engaging or just entertaining, please use the social sharing buttons below to spread the word.

Tyler Baum - Lead Writer